Book-Anatomy of a Misfit

Author- Andrea Portes

Publisher- Harper Collins India

What comes to your mind when you think about the problems faced by the U.S.A. Except for Trump! I do not live there but bullying, racism, and gun attacks are what I’ve read the most about in newspapers, columns and on social media and this is basically what this book is about.


It’s the story of Anika Dragomir. She is half Romanian. Currently living in Nebraska, she is the third most popular girl in her high school, yet she thinks that she doesn’t fit in. Things are going on track until one day, Logan, the nerd guy decides to turn hot and drives a moped to school and starts offering a ride to Anika. This might all seem normal. But it is not for Anika. Why? Because if the number one popular girl, Becky Vilhauer knows that she is hanging out with nerd loser tuned hot Logan, she will turn her life hell!! WHY? Because she is a bully and that’s what she does!!!



Logan and Anika like each other to point of loving each other but here comes Jared Kline- the scam artist. So, Anika has to face the question that I guess has existed since the time people started having relationships, ” WHOM TO CHOOSE? THE HOT NERD GUY YOU  LOVE OR THE HOT BAD GUY YOU DON’T KNOW WHY  YOU ARE CRAZY FOR? I mean what it is about bad boys?  Is it our body’s desire to have an adventure apart from the annual trip you plan to take or is it the desire to do something you know is not right?

Becky. Let’s talk about her. Why? Because she is a bully. She literally starts false rumors just because she’s bored. If she is mean to anyone, instead of standing against her the whole school copies her action for the rest of the time being.Imagine if the whole school stands against her !! It’s time we do that because it’s the human thing to do. By keeping quiet and not opposing the actions of a bully means you are indirectly a part of ruining someone’s life.

The book has a very dramatic starting which totally gives you the vibes that something bad will happen in the end. Yet, I ignored it and as a result, suffered. The starting chapters are the whinings of a teenager but Portes keeps it interesting by having Anika interact with the readers. She will ask you questions and say the same things that you are thinking about her and keeps you bound to her.


In the beginning, I thought the whole book is about a girl who will take down Becky ( Regina George incarnate) and choose one of the guys. But man! WAS I WRONG! As you progress further into the story you realize how all the issues that I mentioned above are thrown into the stories at the different point. It casually and subtly addresses abusing, bullying, racism, ethnicity, and abusive home environment. The darkness is unlayered with each page turned.

If young adult is your genre, then you should totally give this book a shot.



Anika thinks she is a misfit. But so is Logan, Shelli, Jared and everyone else! We all are misfits, sadly, channeling all our energy to fit in rather than embracing ourselves.

Stars – 4/5


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