Throne of Glass: Book Review

Book – Throne of Glass ( #1 in Throne of Glass series)

Author – Sarah J Mass

Publisher – Bloomsbury India


Celaena Sardothien is the best assassin but the only mistake she committed was that she got caught and was sent to the salt mines in Endovier to survive as long as she can. One year has passed and she knows she cannot stay alive and bear another winter when one day the Prince of Adarlan in the lands of  Erilea, Dorian, along with Captain of the Royal Guard, Chaol Westfall visits her.He asks her to be his candidate for the King’s Champion competition held by the King and in return promises her freedom after 4 years of her duty if she wins.

Celaena accepts the proposal and is confident about winning when suddenly one by one the competitors starts dying mysteriously. Then one night she has a special visitor, the first queen,  Elena, who tells her to search the evil present in the castle. Now, with a distracted mind towards self-protection and the search of evil, winning doesn’t seem sure to Celaena herself.


It’s a wonderfully written book. It was impossible for me to put the book down and now that I’ve finished it, I can’t wait to see what the other books hold not only for  Celaena but to the whole plot. To ease the tension in the book created because of competition and murders of competitors, there is a treat for you with something cooking up between Celaena and Dorian and Celaena and Chaol ;P

The best part about Sarah J Mass’s books are the strong female characters.  Celeana is independent, fierce, funny and sarcastic.  When she can kill someone to protect herself; she can also dress up and enjoy a party. An aura of mystery and sadness is created to bind the readers with her.

It’s a treat for fantasy book lovers with so much more promising stories to come in form of sequels.



Stars ( out of 5) – 🌟🌟🌟🌟


3 thoughts on “Throne of Glass: Book Review

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    After reading the ACOTAR-books, I really want more of Maas’ writing. I went as far as ordering all the ToG-books, but still have to receive a couple [or more than a couple since I only have.. two or three right now?]. Practically planning a ToG-readathon in my head already, haha!


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