In The Name Of God: Book Review

Author – Ravi Subramanian

“Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power.” – William Gaddis

Religion blinds you and people in power try to take maximum benefit of it. They forget their duty and the dignity of their position and indulge in making wealth for them and what happens if someone try to point it out. Their followers curb that person. Just like statue of justice, people have closed their eyes not for being fair but for their religion.

This is what the story of “In The Name Of God” shows to its readers.  It is a thriller which is based on the Padmanabha Swamy Temple’s wealth and the controversies and murders that takes place after the Supreme Court gives order to audit its vaults. Two other events also take place – A high-profile jewellery store is looted in Dubai; a series of bomb blasts take place in Mumbai. Are these three events connected to each other ? This is the puzzle that Kabir Khan, Additional Director of the CBI tries to unravel.


The narration is outstanding. Despite the happening of a lot of things at one point of time, you feel never feel chaos. The events are very carefully and intricately tied together. For me, it was a UNPUTDOWNABLE book. I just couldn’t stop reading it.  It makes you travel to the temple and when there is murder taking place, you can feel the fear and threat of being in such an incident.

The plot is very interesting with powerful characters . It very efficaciously points out the pressure from the ministers (who wants to save their vote banks) faced by the administrative staff  when  performing their job. In the end nothing happens to the king of temple which is thought-provoking because is this how we want our nation to operate?

IN THE NAME OF GOD is spellbinding, gripping and compelling. Do pick this book up especially if thriller is you genre.


Stars ( out of 5 ) – 🌟🌟🌟🌟




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