Damsel with a gun: Domina Book Review

Author- L.S. Hilton

Loud sounds of shooting of guns, dead bodies at every point of story, on a  run always  to save yourself, fake identities, lots of booze and sex; all of this sounds like a Bond movie. But it isn’t. It’s Domina, the sequel of Maestra; an erotic thriller with its story revolving around billionaire art cum arm dealers and their desperation to find one Caravaggio painting.

Judith is back but this time as Elisabeth Teerlinc who has an art gallery in Venice named Gentileschi. Everything is going fine until one day when she is asked to value the paintings of Russian billionaire Pavel Yermolov. She decides to accept the offer after having a look at his paintings which are magnificent but she considers herself not worthy enough to carry out the valuation. She returns back and that’s when the ghost starts appearing in her apartment. She founds a painting of Medusa, then her Russian tutor is dead and she realizes that everything is not alright because Judith is still recognized by some people and she has somehow stolen the Caravaggio.

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She digs out information, kills and have sex to make a way out of her and just when she thinks that she has emerged out victorious with all her planning, she realizes that she has never been on the right track. She was wrong all along. And in a world of sheer brutality, for each wrong turn, you have to pay a heavy price.

The author’s  knowledge about art is extensive and I like how she takes time to explain it. When it comes to the story, many of the things happened haphazardly. Therefore, the plot could have been more strong. Judith’s flashback of her childhood adds to the chillness of story.  After the prologue you know she is no damsel in distress rather a damsel with a gun who will kill first and think later. She seems ambiguous about herself at many points. Her will to rest in peace forever keeps coming and going like waves.

It’s a good read if you like thriller stories with a dash of sex as a bonus for you. It will take you through the dark streets of Paris but make you relax in Serbia; you’ll have a look at famous art paintings and visit mansions but don’t get an illusion that everything is going to be okay. because it is Judith and nothing is normal with her.

Stars – ⭐⭐⭐


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