Cover Reveal: The Ten Minute Yoga Solution


On the occasion of Yoga Day, Harper Collins India has launched the book “The Ten Minute Yoga Solution” by Ira Trivedi.




Do you want to practise yoga but cannot find the time? Do you want to begin yoga but cannot find a way? You are not alone. In this book, yoga acharya and bestselling author Ira Trivedi tells you how you can shed weight, get washboard abs, lower blood pressure – with just 10 minutes of yoga a day.  In this book she outlines simple but effect routines that she has tested on hundreds of students.

Just 10 minutes can get you in shape, cure back ache, achieve better exam results and even heal a broken heart. Yoga is much more than an exercise – it prepares and disciplines your body and mind for a transformative spiritual experience. The modules in The 10-Minute Yoga Solution will put you on the path of health, healing and self-discovery.



Ira Trivedi is a bestselling author, journalist and Acharya of yoga. She led the first international yoga day celebrations at Rajpath, which created the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest yoga class in history. She has a weekly yoga show on India’s leading news channel, India Today TV calledYogaira.

She is the founder of Namami Yoga, an NGO which supports underprivileged children and the creator of Om the yoga dog. She has taught the President of India, the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister and many other. She holds retreats and workshops around the world.

More on Ira can be found on

Twitter @iratrivedi

IG @iratrivedi


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