Against All Odds- Book Review


Author- Danielle Steel

There is a reason why it is said that we should listen to our mother’s advice and warnings and this novel just proves it. “AGAINST ALL ODDS”, the new novel by Danielle Steel is the story of Kate and her four children.Kate became a widow at an early age after the untimely death of her husband which led to the opening of her famous re-sale shop, Still Fabulous to support her family.


Her four children are Izzie ( attorney), twins- Justin (struggling writer) and Julie (designer) and Willie ( a tech expert). All of them are settled and doing great in their career.


What are the odds of anything going wrong? Β Same as Izzie marrying a criminal, Justin forcing his gay partner to have a kid, Julie marrying a ‘too good to be perfect’ but secretly an abusive husband and Willie having a relationship with a woman 15 year older than her. Kate is at dismay after listening to their choices and then for ignoring her warnings.



Danielle Steel had me at her foreword. It is so pure and straight from the heart that it will melt you right away, especially if you are a mother. This book beautifully captures the essence of a mother’s love and her instinct to protect her children from all of their troubles. It also tells us when to let go because sometimes people learn from their experience, no matter how bad it is. It captures the beautiful relationship between a mother and her children in the modern world.


There are a lot of characters in the book apart from Kate and her children but the author has never let it become a chaos. She has wonderfully given the background story of everyone and perfectly woven their stories in one string. One of the most interesting characters is Kate’s mother – Lou. She is way too ahead of her age and travels around the world. She is more chilled out than her own daughter and tells her when to leave the children on their own.


The author has kept the book with no fairy-tale ending. It’s a real world where we face the consequences of our decision and so does Izzie, Justin, Julie, and Willie but for their own good. She, through her characters, has also tried to raise the issue of domestic abuse and problems faced by gay parents.



It is a sweet novel without any melodrama. Steel has kept it real and once you begin, it is hard to put it down. The simplicity of the book will bind you. If you are into simple books or a Danielle Steel fan, then this book is the perfect summer read for you.

Stars- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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