Glitter and Gloss: Book Review

Author – Vibha Batra

Glitter and Gloss is a short, sexy and funny love story of Misha Chaturvedi and Akshay Agarwal. Misha is a makeup artist and a saleswoman at a M.A.C store who aspires to become a bridal makeup artist. Akshay is the heir of Agarwal jewellers. While Misha is cute and blabbers anything when nervous, Akshay is suave and the most handsome bachelor in the town.


They meet and their hearts beat rockets up, fireworks happen, they have a sizzling chemistry between them and want to settle down together. Every love story has a villain. Here it is Akshay’s Didi who bought him up after their parents’ death. Misha is the opposite of everything that Didi is looking for in her daughter-in-law. A string of lies is woven by Misha to win the acceptance of her but finally, everything comes out. What happens after that?  You have to read to find out !


The story after one point starts moving at a way too fast speed. Also, Akshay is shown God- like with no flaws and imperfections at all but the good point of the  story is that it projects light to what a going-to-be bride has to deal with in the name of religion and culture along with the spices added by neighbourhood aunties. How she is expected to completely change herself and give up her life for her in-laws is shown. Misha also handles this situation very badly blinded by her love for Akshay but later on gets a grip on herself.

The way Misha stands up for herself in the story at personal and professional level is very encouraging. The book teaches us a very important lesson – along with loving other people, we need to love ourselves too. The romance between Akshay and Misha is toe-curlingly good. The check conversation between Misha and her best friend, Poulomi and roommate Sammy are worth reading.

The book is humorous and written in a Hinglish style which makes it a very fast read and perfect for those who are looking for a short and light read. If you are a romance fanatic, then this is the book for you !
 Stars (out of 5 ) – 🌟🌟🌟



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