50 Cups of Coffee: Book Review

Author – Khushnuma Daruwala

Coffee is used to scare away your Monday blues, wake you up before presentation, the backbone of your one night studying before but it also keeps you going when your date is horrible. Every first date takes place at a coffee house and it is sipping that cup of mocha or cappuccino which keeps you in your​ seat like a civilised person.

50 Cups of Coffee is the story of 30 year old Dia who is on a journey to find her Mr. Right through online matrimonial sites after discarding the lies that fairy tales have told us and realising that no prince is coming on his white horse.


The book contains her account with 50 Mr. Wrong where all the date begins with a coffee. After meeting them, she like all of us feels that ” What if he was the one ?” or why can’t she have a chatroom or office romance and maybe even better – falling in love with a stranger in struck lift? She is perplexed by the fact that how come people are getting married twice or thrice but isn’t able to get it done even for one time.

The 50 accounts are in no particular order. The stories are told to beware us from perverts and prevent us from making the same mistakes like her. It showcases the desperation that every 30+ women face especially with the biological clock ticking away and how people expect her to compromise with her wishes just because the “proper age” to marry has passed.


The stories of turning into detective or stalking online Β and then being caught will make you laugh because it is something we all have done. what most of us have done. The use of metaphors and humour helps to keep the book light while giving away important messages but some references may not be understandable to everyone. I l love how honest the author has been whenever she used to judge, stare and obsess over some suitor.

As we reach the end of book, we realize that Dia has matured. No longer the desperation prevails and hope has taken it’s place to find her “Passion Fruit” one day. So, if you are single and looking for your someone special or are dating, this might be the book for you.

Happy reading 😁

Stars Β ( out of 5 ) – 🌟 🌟🌟🌠 (3.5)

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