Love in a battlefield: Baaz book review

Author – Anuja Chauhan

Set against the backdrop of India-Pakistan War of 1971, Baaz is the tantalising and poignant love story Ishaan and Tehmina.
Ishaan Faujdaar aka Hamara Baaz, a chora from Chakkahera, Haryana turns into a gorgeous suave IAF officer who flies the Gnat also known as Sabre Slayers and lands straight in your heart, ekdum Baaz-ke-maaphik.

Tehmina Dadyseth aka Tinka is the coolest cat making a full Bollywood style entry in the story. She comes from a Parsi army family with rebel flowing in her blood, a photographer, takes stand against her opinion, no matter what and did a cool Freesia soap ad which made a place straight in the heart of the nation’s male population.

IMG_20170604_103237 1.jpg

Completely opposite, yet Baaz and Tinka felt a connection between them and then begins the Anuja Chauhan’s toe curling romance giving us major goals for life.

The main focus is on the war and ideologies surrounding it. Amongst the victory rides of Gnats- Sabre slayers and MiG -21, it gives an insight into what war does, how refugees suffer, the pressures that men in uniform bear and how stressful it is for their families at such times.

Anuja Chauhan, I think, has also tried to attack some very deep rooted notions prevalent in our story through her story’s characters.  Men should be tall, but our Baaz is not. Women should be as fair as the models in the Fair and Lovely ad, but Tinka is wheatish. In one instance, an IAF officer says that all Muslims are Pakistanis which is so not true but a thinking nurtured by many people.

Coming back to our hero, what’s best in him apart from his taut chest, perfect butt and how deliciously handsome he looks in a leather jacket, is his confidence. Never did he let his short height falter his confidence.In fact, during the first pool diving session, his confidence bandbajoes the ego of his soon to be NDA buddies He accepted it and went on fluttering butterflies in the heart of girls as well as aunties. Meanwhile, Tehmina is a pacifist. She is against everything that Baaz believes. She doesn’t believe in violence and war as a solution and questions the border concept of the world that makes you go silent for a second.
 3360 - Copy

The book has many other interesting characters, like Baaz’s friend, Maddy and Raka, Raka’ wife Juhi, Kung Fui, Chimman Singh and others​. You can’t put this book down in between. When you’ll reach at the end, you’ll suddenly realize that it’s morning and you spent the whole night reading it like me.



The book is not going to be an easy ride. From the journey of becoming officers, flying fighter planes for the first time to taking down the enemy and celebrating the victory, deep down you will feel broken from inside too.



P.S. – Brace yourself


Stars – 🌟 🌟🌟🌟


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