Unns- The Captivation Book Review

Author – Sapan Saxena

I have always believed that in any relationship, one person is always more in love than the other. The same is the case with Atharva. UNNS: THE CAPTIVATION is a  heartbreaking story of Atharva Rathod who fell in love with Meera Qasim and unconditionally loves her throughout his life but Meera has some other priorities.

The book is written in a diary kind of format where Atharva takes us all on the journey of his life by reading his diary for one last time. The story starts off as the cute high school romance between Atharva and Meera but takes a toll when Meera breaks up with him because her parents find about them. 15 years later they meet again in Germany. Atharva is now a RAW agent and Meera, a business woman. A lot has changed except the love of Atharva for Meera. The real twist happens here which changes the course of the life of Atharva. It is because he was too much in love with her and loving someone that much is also dangerous. It’s like destiny loves to play games with them because they meet after another 12 years. What will happen this time? Will destiny again play a cruel joke or will they unite?
The story has some loopholes. The background story of some things are not given and these events unfold abruptly which cause a disturbance in the flow of reading. I love the contrast shown between the two characters. Atharva is portrayed as an optimistic person who finds a reason behind every action of a person whereas Meera is a bit pessimistic in approach and instead of understanding the situation, sticks to her own judgements. The fact that Atharva is a RAW agent adds to the charm of the story.

The book is rightly named Unns-The Captivation because it will captivate you until you complete it and in my case even after that. This book is a perfect read for someone looking for romance combined with some elements of a thriller.
Stars- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

‘I received this copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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