The D Word: A Survivor’s Guide to Depression Book Review

Author- Shubhrata Prakash

“Everything either gushing around like blood in brain or everything still and suspended in a bubble.”

In this simple line, Shubhrata Prakash tells us what it feels when one has MDD. “The D Word: A Survivor’s Guide to Depression” is a story of a survivor who lived with and battled against MDD for a decade.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is technical which will give you a complete information about MDD, its causes, and treatments. Thoroughly planned, it tells you everything from the scratch and goes into full detail for a better understanding.Make sure to have an internet connection while reading this part because a lot of psychological terms and name of drugs are mentioned which may pique your attention. Proper research has been done before writing this book and the content is very rich.

The second part is the author’s Β account of living with depression, how she came out of it and all the myths related to depression. It is an account of all the hardships faced from the personal front, Β the sick questions and useless advice from people who are ignorant and know nothing about depression, the regular visit to psychiatrists and psychologists, continuous change in medicines and every time when things fall down the effort made to not lose hope.

If you have suffered from depression or your loved ones have; you will be able to relate with every word in there. For an MDD patient, it is like reading the written version of all the thoughts that makes aΒ turmoil in your mind.

The author has written quotes at the beginning of every chapter from” Alice in the Wonderland” which is very interesting and after reading the whole chapter you will realize how perfectly it relates with the chapter.

The book is a must read for everyone. To the people who have suffered from MDD, it will instill a sense of pride in them for battling with it and coming out as a winner. For people who are suffering from it, the book will give them a flicker of much-needed hope and other useful information. For every other person, you should read this book to understand this disease and remove the prevailing ignorance and the stigma attached to it.

People, who suffer from MDD always feel like they have lost themselves and keep asking within their mind,”what have I become? This is not me.” For all these patients, I would like to quote from “Alice in the Wonderland” like the author has done in her book –

“Who in the world am I? Ah! That’s a great puzzle.”

Stars (out of 5 )- 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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