Embrace yourself:This song will save your life Book Review

Author- Leila Sales

Just when you think that all your efforts have gone futile and life is nothing more than a punishment, it will always give you something to hold on to. This is what happens with Elise Dembowski. She is not your conventional high school teenager who worries about fashion or pimples. In fact, she loves Unicorn boots. She is obsessed with music but not with the one that drives all her classmates crazy. She has her own peculiar taste and is named after the song, ” A Letter to Elise”  by The Cure.
Elise doesn’t have any friends.In the new session of school, when her attempt to change herself, become “normal” and make new friends fails drastically, she stoops to the lowest point and attempts to kill herself, which is definitely not the solution. Saved by 911, upon returning home she starts to sneak out of the house at late hours during the night to take a walk. Walking like this one day, she discovers START; an underground DJ party where she befriended Vicky, Pippa and the amazing Char. This is only a start for she went on to become the hottest DJ of Glendale but not without passing a set of obstacles paved in her way.

The story deals with issues like identity, bullying in high school and the influence of music in one’s life. Bullying in high schools has become a severe problem. You might find staggering facts if you google it. I even read somewhere that high school is a nightmare if you are different. Though Elise didn’t like what she was during the day, she embraced herself when she was surrounded by music at night. Music gave her power, confidence and the ability to love herself.The immense support that she gets from her father is worth a round of applause.
We all will be able to relate with Elise at some point in the book. The book gives a very important lesson, which if learnt will make life little easy. The rule is, “No one can himself/herself”. You are what you are. In fact, it is impossible to change yourself. You may suffer damage. You may get hurt and bruised. You may have a moment of extreme happiness and excitement as well. Unforunate events may happen to  you because everyone goes through this but you will always remain the same deep within. One might wear a mask of some other personality that you are trying to be but when you will be alone with yourself, you will see that it is just a makeup that you are carrying in the daylight because, at the end, you are same.
The book tells you to love yourself despite everything that happens. Elise learnt. We all can because just like Elise says, “And isn’t that – just you-enough?

I picked up the book because of its title, which is very quirky. All the DJing makes the book exuberant. For the people who love music and books both, it is a treat for them.YA fans will surely love it. Go ahead. Give this book a chance.
Stars (out of 5)- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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