Top 10 Rhysand and Feyre moments from ACOMAF!

I just finished reading A Court of Mist and Fury. I am in love with Rhysand and Feyre. I am still in shock after knowing that Rhysand is not an evil person and he did all that  to save Velaris. The sacrifices that he made, made me cry for him.

I am sharing my top 10 Rhysand and Feyre moments. I hope you all think alike.

1. His hands slid down to cup the back of my knees as he said with roughs grin, ” you are my salvation, Feyre “ 

Rhysand kneels before Feyre here before they go to the Weaver to get her mother’s ring and we all are aware about the importance of the ring.


2. Rhysand’s voice was hoarse. “Because you were breaking. And I couldn’t find another way to save you.”


I practically jumped knowing that it was Rhysand who produced music in the prison for Feyre in “A Court of Thorns and Roses”. She was broken and she needed something to hold onto and that music saved her.


3. So I closed the distance between us, smoothly stepped past him, and said, “you haven’t been able to keep away from me, since calanmai, it seems.”

Their flirting with each other!!

😍😍😍😍 I


4. “Because you’ve only started to look at me like I’m not a monster, and I can’t stomach the idea of anything you see tomorrow, being beneath that mountain, putting you back into that place where I found you”

He didn’t want Feyre to go to the court of nightmares to let her see her fake evil side because he can’t bear the thought of her going back to thinking that he is a monster. Thank the cauldron that Feyre goes because what happened down in the court was so sexy.


5. “Of course I’ll dance with you,” Rhys said, his voice still raw. “All night, if you wish.”



Can I get a Rhysand please🙏


6. “She’s mine” he said quietly, but viciously enough that Devlon and how warriors nearby heard.


Rhysand’s threatening !!!!!! He silently yet clearly  tells everyone not to even  think about harming Feyre in the Illyrian camp .The need to have a Rhysand just increases with every page turned.


7. I sipped from my wine. ” And if he had grabbed me ?”

There was nothing but uncompromising will in his eyes. ” Then I would have torn the world apart to get you back.”

The High Lord of Night Court can really go to any length to protect the love of his life.

8. “And now I want you to know, Rhysand that I love you, I want you to know that”his lips trembled and I brushed away the tears that escaped down his cheeksss. ” I want you to know.” I whispered, ”  that I am broken and healing, but every piece of my heart belongs to you. And I am honored- honored to be your mate”


Why do everything has to be so intense between them ? Btw what happens next is so hot that you  better be prepared with water to curb down the fire that lights up .


9. My mate. Death incarnate. Night triumphant.


1o. Rhys’s eyes darkened.” You might be my mate”, he said, ” but you remain your own person. You decide your fate- your choices. Not me. You chose yesterday.

You choose every day. Forever.”


The end chapters of the book are heartbreaking. I am dead till the next book comes out and I get to know that everything will be alright for Rhysand and Feyre.


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