You reap what you sow: “Dangerous Games” book review

With his eyes set on the White House, the Vice President of United States, Tony Clark is ready to go any lengths six years after the sudden death of his best friend and America’s most admired Senator, Bill Foster. But little did Clark know that the nationally revered television correspondent and his producer have a hunch about his wrong deeds and are there to reveal the dirt on him.               “Dangerous Games” is a thrilling story of power, ambition turning into greed, is diverting betrayal, corruption, and international intrigue.

Once you pick up this book, it will be impossible for you to put it down before you get all the answers. Whenever you feel you are diverting from the main plot, Danielle Steel will give you such a reason for  creating that setup that it will blow your mind. The information received by Alix which serves as the first major lead on Clark’s story will leave you speechless.  As the events unfold, the selfishness and shrewdness of Clark will appal you. The threats received by Alix tells us that the stakes are high and their adversary will go any length to protect himself.
I was expecting a  dramatic ending but the book has a  simple one, where the life of every character falls back into pieces at the end . Everyone gets the happy ending they deserve after going through tough times for a long period of time. As for Clark, he burns in the fire of the dangerous games he himself started.

The story of every character is perfectly woven together in one string. The author has given a  proper background story of every person so as to relate with their sadness, pain, anger and happiness that they experience as the story moves ahead.
One of the best thing about this book is the strength and courage it has shown in all the female characters.Alix Phillips is a self-made, independent, and a brave woman who has been to all war zones for media coverage. The media story covered by Alix in Tehran also shows women fighting for their rights and not succumbing to the condition.   “Sometimes you can love someone too much, the way she did him ” precisely describes Olympia Foster, the wife of late Bill Foster. Olympia broke all her connection with the world and surrounded herself with the sadness of the death of her husband under the influence of Clark but as she realises his true motives, she moves ahead and starts anew.

If a simple yet thrilling fiction is your genre then this book is your cup of tea.
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