RAU is the poignant love story of the Maratha Peshwa, Shrimant Bajirao, a brave ruler on hearing his name enemies would start shivering and a Muslim dancer Mastani who was known for her beauty and leaving people in a state of mesmerization after listening to her singing. Set in the background of an orthodox Indian culture, all hell breaks loose when both of them fall in love and everyone keeps wondering why hasn’t Mastani born in a Brahman family to save them from creating all the conspiracies to keep apart both of them instead of accepting the love and respect they have for each other.

The book is magnificent and grand and has every aspect of royalty in it. It can take you to the Shanivar Wada filled with candles, pieces of jewelry and delicate chandeliers or to the battlefield where swords clash with each other.  Apart from the pure love and hardships faced by the two lovers, the book gives due diligence to every battle fought by the Peshwa. Rau is divided into three parts where part 1 is a bit slow paced but part 2 and part 3 will captivate you with Peshwa’s will to defy every brahman norm to be at side with Mastani and the family drama that unfolds as a result of it.


N.S. Inamdar has given proper attention to every character; be it the ‘one and only’ Peshwa, ‘laskman like’ Chimaji Appa, ‘devoted’ Kashibai, ‘clever and religious’ matushree or ‘ beauty with bravery’ Mastani. As the story moves ahead, you get to know about the emotions of every character and how they perceive various events that happen.

This book though is not only about the great love story of Bajirao and Mastani but it would force you to question many things like, ‘is religion more important than true love?’, ‘what Bajirao did to Kashibai was wrong or right?’, ‘why was it okay for rulers to have mistresses but not to give them the respectful status and dignity they deserve?’ and many similar thoughts will come in your mind as you turn the page of this book.

Pick a copy of Rau and embark on a journey of one of the India’s oldest and one of the most famous love stories.




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