Better late than Never: Where Rainbows End

Where Rainbows End is the story of Alex and Rosie. Since childhood, they have been stuck with each other through every thick and thin and the glorious teenage years also pass happily. Alex gets into Harvard University and Rosie also makes into Boston University but their hope of being together even in Boston shatters when Rosie get a news that leaves her totally flabbergasted.

*spoilers ahead*

When Alex is all set to become a doctor and rocking in his love life with Sally, Rosie is busy in changing diapers and wiping snotty nose of Katie, her daughter. Life is too tough for Rosie now because Katie simply cries and cries and cries, Alex not being there to support her and seeing all her school friends having a life ahead as compared to hers. Life keeps on meddling with them because something just keeps on happening to keep them apart.

At one point I felt that Rosie and Alex have the worst timing ever as weeks after the marriage of Rosie, Alex had a split-up with Sally (at this point, I started to believe that Rosie has a thing for bad luck).


This novel is written in the most unique style I’ve ever read. Cecilia Ahern has cleverly structured the book in the forms of emails, letters, notes and a packet full of missed opportunities. The book is going to make you believe in the word ‘forever’ but also makes sure that you don’t forget that life loves to play jokes on all of us. Just when you think that you’ve got it all figured out, everything changes in a second and you are lost but don’t lose hope and start again from the scratch. This is a very precious lesson that this book teaches us.

Alex and Rosie are destined to be together and everyone knows it except them because they are too afraid to confess their love to each other. They keep giving chances to wrong people instead of each other and meanwhile get hurt. This book is going to make you laugh because of all the fun it has but at the same time get ready to cry because of the pain they go through until after fifty years(better late than never) they finally get together as lovers.

Pick this book if you are ready to go on an emotional rollercoaster and have enough patience to deal with Alex, Rosie, and LIFE.






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