The Love Story is a book that you are not only going to read but also experience meanwhile. You will feel love, the happiness of having someone special by your side, hardships of life and how to tackle those problems as you cannot run away from them.

It is a very simple yet practical story. though it captures romance between two people, it didn’t fantasize anything like a fairy tale. It has enumerated all the general problem that a normal couple goes through in their relationship. So, if you are planning to read a story with a happily ever after, this book is a big NO for you!

The Love Story is the story of Oliver Barrett IV and Jenny Cavilleri. While Oliver is a rich guy from a WASP studying at Harvard with an ambition to pursue a career in law while Jenny is a ‘smart and poor’ beauty studying music at Radcliffe. Two contrasting personalities attracts each other’s attention when they meet at the library.


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Throughout the plot, Jenny handles the aggressive and arrogant side of Oliver very well in a smart way. He holds him together. The story successfully captures the strained relationship between Oliver and his father which finally degraded when his father refuses to accept Jenny. Jenny always tried to make up between him and his father, but all in vain. In the end, ironically it was because of Jenny only that both father and son patches up.

The story seems to be a bit rushed up, but overall you will end learning some very important lessons of life. It is a love story free from lust and greed and will give you the courage to love someone truly, deeply and madly.


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