Make peace with your past


One cannot be at two places in the same time likewise you cannot physically be in your present while taking a journey through the lanes of yourΒ  past mentally. It will destroy your present relationship with family and friends. It is desperately important to have an understanding with your past and you have to learn the fact that there is a reason it is not coming back.

It is not easy to stop thinking about all the good memories back in time or stop crying over bitter ones , but it would be definitly very unfair if you don’t even try. Each one of us might had a bad relationship , betrayal , failure at school or at job , unfulfilled dreams and on and on..
But i need to ask you all , when they have moved on with their life then why can you not ? Why are you hung up ?

Get a grip of yourselves. Cherish the good memories and organise the funeral of tragic ones. Bury them and never dig at your past again.


Remember you cannot find peace by avoiding present.Have new dreams , celebrate with your loved ones make new friends , plan your future i.e. in short make the best out of present as all of us have only one life to live.


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