Rainy Magic


Monsoon is here and it’s raining too which made me wonder what’s it with the rains ? How come just an hour or so of water pouring can bring a complete radical change in the atmosphere around us ? How can the dropping of rainwater on our windows be so melodious ?

We can see children cycling , playing , dancing and singing and the most beautiful sight of all is paper boats sailing in the water. Grass looks more green , trees lushier , flowers more beautiful and there is no comparison of the scent of wet earth , It just drives you crazy.

Ladies come out in their verandas with cup of teas and indulges themselves into cheerful talks.Everyone come out of their homes and enjoy the mother nature by taking a break from virtual world. I thinks that’s what is called rainy magic. Everything becomes more merrier & happier and all thanks to the wonderful rain.


One thought on “Rainy Magic

  1. Soumo says:

    Day is Bright. Night is Dark. Rain is Grey.

    I like the soothing effect rains bring with them. The winds. The dim light. The sounds.

    Nice article.



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